Young Director Awards @ Cannes
We are excited to announce that All:Expanded has two films shortlisted for the Young Director Award at Cannes.  Since 1998, the YDA has been seeking out and supporting international creative talent in commercial film production. Considered one of the most important events at Cannes, and the preeminent award for young directors, All:Expanded is honored to be a part. Award ceremony is tomorrow. More about the YDA here.
Director: Duncan Winecoff
Film: Hand in Hand
Category: Charity

Special acknowledgement - Mikey Rossiter (Color), Carlos Flores (Edit), Benjamin Gustafsson (Original Score) and Kenny Kusiak (sound design and mix). Film can be viewed at allexpanded.
Director: Bennett Johnson
Film: Coach Pamz
Category: Changing the World Frame by Frame

Film will be released after announcements tomorrow, please stay tuned.
The Caron Foundation - "Hand in Hand"
TVC directed by Duncan Winecoff
The Caron Foundation "Hand in Hand " -  Addiction affects everyone, rich and poor, young and old. It chooses no sides and more often than not leaves families broken and addicts alone. Since 1957, The Caron Foundation has been breaking the cycle, helping addicts and their families make the changes needed to cope with the disease. All:Expanded was tapped by Allen & Gerritsen for two TVCs, directed by Duncan Winecoff. Featured here is the director's cut for "Hand in Hand". Hopefully our work can help make a small difference. View here.

Big shout out to everyone who helped on this project. Not to be missed - Mikey Rossiter (Color) , Carlos Flores (Edit), Benjamin Gustafsson (Original Score) and Kenny Kusiak (sound design and mix). 
"What Kids Read" - Literacy Partners
TVC directed by Alex Hulsey at Somesuch
"What Kids Read" Literacy Partners - All:Expanded teamed up with Somesuch, their director Alex Hulsey, and agency Chi & Partners to bring attention to Literacy Partners, a non-profit bringing reading education to illiterate adults and support for their family. The film brings us inside the lives of young children who are the sole literate persons in their household, responsible for reading summons, medicines, warning labels and instructions to their parents. We worked closely with Literacy Partners, selecting kids and parents from the program to take center stage for this important issue. View here.

We also had the pleasure of working with the legendary, Robbie Ryan (DoP). 
All:Expanded partnered up with friend of the family and director, Jovan Todorovic for a project with artist Okay Kaya. We are a big fan of both of their work, so needless to say, we are excited about this one. Releasing sometime soon. Stay tuned.

(Photo was taken by Jovan for XOXO magazine)